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Brave Hearts

Life for some babies whether born prematurely or full term sometimes starts in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. While the NICU team do an excellent job providing all the support the baby needs, it can actually be a pretty hard and stressful journey for the parents or carers involved. Brave Hearts was formed in Feb 2017 to create ‘care packages’ for these NICU families.

What can a care package do, you may ask?

Our hope with these care packages is that the person receiving them will know they are not alone, and we hope our bag of goodies will inspire families with the hope of tomorrow and bring some cheer to their day.

All our packages will be going to families based in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Wellington Hospital.

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All our gift bags currently go to the families of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Wellington Hospital.
Christmas 2018

One of the biggest project of the year is Christmas, We are planning to drop off around 100 bags at NICU in Wellington and...

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Fathers Day 2018

Our next big project is for the dads. Father’s Day is coming in September, we will be making approx. 40 bags for the NICU...

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Monthly Care Packages

We would love your support towards making these care packages each month. Our goal is to give a goodie bag to every NICU mum in...

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Thankful Hearts

We love what we do and love it even more when we get feedback from those who received a care bag. The following are some lovely messages we recently received.

"Yesterday I received the most wonderful gift bag and card from your team. Thank you so much! Yesterday was my very first Mother's Day and I was really struggling. My son was born almost two weeks ago at 33 weeks. He's a teeny tiny little guy and it's been a tough journey for us through the pregnancy and now. Your package made me smile and it helps so much to know you are not alone. I still cry everyday so having your gift waiting for me was a lovely moment."

Victoria J

"Thank you so much to Brave Hearts for the beautiful packs that were generously donated to go in the Mother's Day Gifts today."

The Wellington Neonatal Trust